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What qualifies as a priority?

If everything is a priority - doesn't that mean: nothing is a priority?

a Priority is; a condition of being given attention *before others. To give attention is to actively process specific information in the environment while tuning out other details

...But why would I tune other details out to invest deeper in this one thing?

Aren't all the details necessary?

Yes. But not to the same degree.

It's a matter of importance but how do I know what's most important?

This is all dependent on

"What you are trying to do or accomplish" in life at a specific moment.

This is an important discussion to have because if we fail to identify what should be priority & try to make everything priority - we run the risk of missing the benefit of "prioritizing".

There are many ways to approach prioritizing. Some people look at their life as a sequence of *seasons where each season has an agenda to aid in their Personal Development. They perceive the agenda of the season as an invitation to partner in their development or evolution in a specific way.

Because seasons are temporary, the agenda of the season is given priority over any other agenda or invitation due to the time & sensitivity of the opportunity at hand.

This "Season Perspective" is one way to gain clarity of where my focus should be & how to prioritize or best invest my efforts. Knowing your Daily Priority reduces stress, helps you focus, and improves your productivity. Prioritization can also help you set better boundaries around your time, eliminate distractions, and improve your work-life balance which all enhances HOW YOU SHOW UP IN RELATIONSHIPS & IN LIFE.

Identify what's all on your plate. consider your personal goals, partnership commitments & social investments. Identify the season you're in & the invitation of development that is being presented to you. like in *nature itself, there are indicators that help us identify the season.

it's our opportunity to develop the habit of:

pausing, becoming present

& looking for these indicators.

In many ways that will require "the practice of pausing" to become somewhat of a priority itself. journaling will also help you keep track of the seasons & the development experienced.

Journaling may also help you identify "a pattern" that could assist in seeing the agenda of the season more clearly.

Focus by Elimination.

Many things are important, but which are important & urgent (time sensitive)? Which is an investment of energy for a future hope vs which things are you presently being given opportunity to acquire? knowing what is in season simultaneously helps you know what isn't. Use that to your advantage & practice the self-restraint of taking something important, that's not urgent & surrendering it temporarily to the focus of the season. there are many things we want in life & it's the things we are presently being given the opportunity to acquire now that best benefit from our focus.

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