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Every person reading this been given a unique opportunity in this generation to have an impact, but that potential too often lays dormant when we don't Verify if the parameters presented to us were grounded in fear from those who preceded us or traps presented to us by those who seek to control us.

One of the most responsible responses to this information is to:

1. Un-learn & 2. Explore

Un-learning is a great practice to Realizing the Potential needed to Upgrade your Quality of Life.

UNLEARNING begins with the consideration that:

what we know or "the way we know it" may no longer be appropriate or applicable to the times we live in or the situation we are facing. This consideration holds space for us to do respectful challenging of rules that begins with putting questions where you previously placed periods. Unlearning is not Unknowing but rather giving ourself permission to >> manually move the restrictions on your imagination <<, which creates space for New Ideas to Enter & New Life to be Lived.

EXPLORING is the Mental Vetting Process that precedes implementation. Hypothetical Questions & Role-Playing are like test driving different ideas to see which ones have the likelihood to produce the desired outcome. This Dance with the unknown utilizes Critical & Creative thinking to influence Innovation where growth has become stagnant.

You are not in a box. Explore the why behind the restrictions you abide by & always hold space for the "exception to the rule". This is not a Call To Rebellion Against Tradition but it is critical information for those living beneath the life they know they were meant for. Those who feel there are in a Box are often struggling with the belief that THERE IS MORE OUT THERE.

>> They are right.

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