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My { Mental Recipe } for a Good Mood

What you're feeling...

somewhere is connected to what you're feeding yourself through Mental Fixation. We are Meditating all day long but do you realize what you're fixated on & how it is informing your mood?

An enjoyable mood can be created at any time & in any situation. But If we want to be in an enjoyable mood, we must 1st understand our Tendencies & where those tendencies came from. The more we study the Biology, Psychology & Environmental influencers of our tendencies the better chance we have at creating for ourself an internal & external environment; which are basically a specifically chosen group of thoughts & beliefs - that will nurture the moods we'd like to be in. At the end of this study the process should produce for you pretty solid "Daily Routine". This is a strategically thought out approach to HOW YOU DO YOUR DAY that has taken into consideration the common influences you face and the behavioral tendencies they lead you toward.

The next step is to REMEMBER that we have the right, responsibility & power to FIX OUR MINDS above your biological predispositions & cultural tendencies, at any time on anything you want. We are always fixating, bringing something into more focus than other things & that is where we use what we've studied and learned to make BETTER DECISIONS. How we alter our MENTAL FIXATION is key to creating for ourselves healthy sustainable moods that aid in our productivity or enjoyment of life.

Your Daily Routine is your Recipe for a good mood. Do the work & implement the plan. The world around us and within us is a Buffet of Influences > how we choose to engage with the influences around us will determine the head space we will reside in.


// We are not slave to the influences around us but our lack of intentionality often puts us at their mercy.

Where do moods come from?

Moods are basically broken up into Positive or Negative

& can last for days or weeks vs Emotions which usually last seconds to minutes. Today i hope you see the benefit of intentionally choosing what you let influence you, the responsibility you have to choose what's best for your mental health regardless of where influences want to take you & identify a few basic RECIPES (meditation & physical activity combinations) that will cook up some enjoyable moods for you.

Your Recipe will be unique to your needs but below are some examples of

Meditation + Physical Activity Combinations (Daily Routines) that you can build from.


60 mins of exercise + 30 min massage + 3 moments of deep belly aching laughter + 2 deep connecting conversation(s) + 30 min breathing exercise + 60 mins of connection with nature


2 hours of social media + 6 - 8 hours of sleep + 45 Min of visualizing your desired future + 2 conversations with other motivated people


2 - 3 meals loaded w/life giving fruits & Veggies + 3 personal check-ins to ensure you're enforcing boundaries + 120 min of listening to my energized playlist

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