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Before The I Do

Are you my happily ever after ?

This Book Un-Packs a lot of the Mystery around Preparing for Marriage & Pursuing a Spouse through an in-Depth look at the Role : Self-Awareness, Personal Law & Expectations play in the big picture of "The Experience called Love".


BTID Book 1.png

Evolving The Entrepreneur

The Premeditated assault on Stagnation.

You don't have to Sell Your Soul To Obtain your Dream.  This book offers practical guidance to [Aggressive Ethical Entrepreneurship] that will help you End Stagnation & Consistently Produce the type of Profit you're looking for.


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The Stripped Club

Lost is all - trying to gain it all - wondering

if it was all worth it.

This Book is the first in a series - that sheds light on how the Author - Donovan Dee Donnell - found himself occupying the Persona of Mr. Goodbar as a

Male Exotic DanceR

& how Child-Hood experiences may have paved his path to that stage.

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My Mind

Have you ever had to endure moments of Discontentment ?

If so, you probably understand the importance of this question - "How is my relationship with me...

Feeling Strong, Alive, Healthy & you wanna Stay that way ?

Congratulations - you've found your code, you've jailed broken your potential.  You've slipped into your sweet spot... but how...

The Strip Club Through the Eyes of

a Male Exotic Dancer.

Walls rumbling from the bass of the speakers. The pulse of the club felt by anyone with their foot to the ground. Listen to the sound… of their screams. The wailing of ecstasy mixed...

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