By nature iAm a "Searcher,Pioneer, Maverick".  iHave an innate craving to explore, to collect data & identify where that data would be of best use.  Pretty much a born Problem-Solver.


As a child i was inquisitive :  i took all my toys apart & put them back together.  As a LifeCoach i do the same for my clients - but instead of breaking & rebuilding toys - iExcavate my clients identity, unpack their beliefs & examine their goals to help them gain awareness of what they are made of & what it will take to Manifest the Life Experience they've Dreamed of.   

At 40 years of age i am a Author of 2 published books :

"Before the iDo" & 

"Evolving the Entrepreneur". 

iAm the Co-Host for two Podcast :

"Maybe this will Help" &

"Imagine Faith"

I've have had the privilege of being the Key-Note Speaker in 4 Countries.

I've been blessed to Life-Coach Clients from all over the world.

& iAm currently re-vamping  my "Leadership Coaching Curriculum" for contractual opportunities.


My greatest joys in Life come from moments when iAm given the opportunity to simplify the "Life Path" of a Client, Friend or Stranger in a fun way.  iHave a natural bend towards embracing the simplicity because Fun is my Love Language & Life Language.


God has given me a very specific combination of Nature & Gifting to Help me properly Occupy my Faith, Serve this generation & Fulfill Purpose.


Believe me when iSay, "God has done the same for you". 

A few Life Quotes iLive by:

• "A Test is Evidence you are being Considered for a Promotion."

• "Nothing can exist without an Environment for it to Exist in."

• "Every Behavior stems from a Belief."

• "Everything is Meaning-less until we give it Meaning."

• "When you look back over this season of your life, who do you want to be able

to say that you were?"

• "Sometimes you'' never know what's-Within, until you have to Live-Without."

• "Guard your Heart Above all else because from it...Flows the issues of Life."


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