iAm DONOVAN.  Born & raised in Los Angeles, CA - by my Mother & older sister.  My sister & i were raised to believe in our greatness & our gifts - to value excellence & opportunities.  iWas fortunate to experience Sincere Love from an early age, & even more blessed to continually be trained on how to apply that Love to others, myself & God.  The streets, the schools & the churches partnered with my mother to mold me into the man iAm today.


Having been an Entrepreneur since 1999, iHave endured the mental & emotional Turbulence associated with trying to rise above your circumstances, the cultural expectations & generational curses.  Under the tutelage of my Grandfather & other God-sent mentors iHave discovered the divine treasure that lies within me.  Through some of my darkest moments i’ve come to see that; “You will never know what is within, until you have to Live without.”  It was through the "crushing of Life" that - my spiritual gifts & natural talents were discovered.


Through formal training, iObtained my “Life Coaching” Certification in 2014 with the Awyken Organization in Whittier, CA.  It was during that training that iLearned a very important Life Secret; “your Perspective is the only reality you will ever know”.  This secret revealed to me, that God gave every human the ability - to access & alter their perspective in order to walk in the fulness of what Life could be.  As iContinue my journey, iReflect on my path & iHave found one thing to be abundantly true; “We were never intended to experience life, life was always interned to experience us.”  WE ARE THE EXPERIENCE &  it is in this truth that we find our power & authority to manifest the Life God desired for us to live.

Now in my 30’s, iHave come to see that life does not have to be complicated. Everyday you get to choose your path, but even with the freedom to choose - if you don’t know all the available options, you could still settle for the complicated paths.  It is because of this personal conviction that iHave deemed myself TheSmpleCoach & committed myself to revealing The Ever Present “Path of Ease” to my clients & audience as they seek to

  • unlock their power

  • find their voice

  • understand their path

  • serve their generation

  • dominate their existence  

iAm the Author of two Published books:

 Before the iDo

     Are you my Happily Ever After

 + Evolving the Entrepreneur

     The Premeditated Assault on Stagnation

with another book Coming SOON entitled:

 + The Stripped Club

     Lost is all, trying to gain it all, wondering if it was

      all worth it.


myBooks have created opportunity for me to Coach: INDIVIDUALS, SMALL GROUPS & on a  CORPORATE LEVEL  where iFocus highly on:

  • Leadership Development

  • Effective Communication

  • Interpersonal Skills

    iLove to have fun doing the things iAm passionate about & iSeek to infuse fun & ease into every bit of Training/Coaching that iDo.  To encounter me is to hopefully encounter Peace, Love & Fun.  If that is the essence that remains after iLeave a room ... then I've obtained what i've defined success to be.


My Latest Projects (click picture to watch videos)

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MY Getting "WHOLE" Story

Getting "Whole" by telling my Whole Story.  In these videos you will be exposed to my attempt to Weaponize my Testimony instead of being a victim to the criticism that could be associated with it.

In this series i will share about the connection between being molested, to becoming a Male Exotic Dancer (Stripper) to becoming a Minister of the Gospel of Christ.  Although there is a temptation to hide the whole story & live in condemnation or shame, I've chosen a route of Courage in hopes that others will be inspired, set free & experience the beautiful power that comes from Vulnerability & Transparency.  iEspecially wanted to expose myself in the middle of this process so that there would be a greater opportunity for relatability.  Too often we are exposed to testimonies after the person has overcome - but not often enough do we see the Process in Play, which iBelieve has the potential to empower people in a way that a "I've already overcome testimony" simply can't.   Here you will see the struggle, pain & confusion but ultimately the Hope, Authenticity & Humility that is helping me to stay committed to the Redemption.


REDemption Podcast

Tales from a Virgin, a Playboy & a Stripper.  The bible tells us in Pslams 107:2: Let the Redeemed of the Lord tell their Story.  So that's what we are here to do.  The purpose of this Podcast is to start & dig deep into the conversations that you've always wanted to have but didn't know how to start or were afraid to.  Here we will be discussing the "Forbidden" topics with Freedom in hopes that someone will gain insight into a rarely discussed area of their life & avoid unnecessary pitfalls.  We have 3 different backgrounds, 3 different perspectives but serve the same Good God.  More information coming soon on how to Subscribe or be a guest on the show.


conducted by: RiseUp WorldWide Radio

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iHad a scheduled Phone Interview with Rise Up Worldwide Radio (RiseUpWorldWide.com) but iWanted to invite my audience into the experience, so i thought, wouldn't it be great if  iRecorded myself while talking to the Host & DJ! Fortunately they agreed to send me the audio from the interview & with that iAlso added authentic video clips to visually support some of the moments i mentioned in the interview.  Here is the final product, please enjoy this rendition of the weaponization of my testimony.


Topics :

- how did you become an Exotic Dancer ?

- Selling Fantasies to the Tippers

- Dangers of the Lifestyle

- Bags of Money

- Counting the Cost

- How i Lost it all ?

- Who is this lifestyle for ?

iWelcome feedback & questions. Simply go to the contact tab on this site & share your thoughts in the space provided for customized messages.


My Youtube Channel

Here you can find the library of my content separated into "Playlist" - for you to enjoy & share. :)

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Radio Interviews

iWas fortunate enough to be a guest on a few radio shows & share my perspective on various topics from mindfulness & abstinence, to  relationships &  self-development.  As the opportunities come in, you will be able to find the updated videos interviews at this link.  Enjoy & please comment or submit any questions you may have.  It's truly a pleasure to serve my generation.  iBelieve that somewhere - in one of these videos, you will find a piece of the puzzle you've been looking for. 

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Honor Thy "Absent Father" Project (Coming Soon!)

Even if he wasn't there - the call remains for children to "Honor thy Father & thy Mother." - Ephesians 6:2. Often, strained relationships, trapped emotions or resentment in the heart prohibit our lives from fully blossoming because an issue in one area can create an issue for the whole-self..  Un-addressed hurts or grudges toward a parent can manifest & express themselves in a number of self-sabotaging behaviors.  In this project iAm sharing the practical steps iAm taking to do (for an absent father)..what iWish was done for me - in hopes to please God with my life & full allow the fulness of Joy, Peace & Prosperity  to be a major part of my everyday existence.


My Books

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Before The iDo

Are you my Happily Ever After

Are you my happily ever after? God said that He would make Adam someone *suitable for him ...this was Eve. What does “suitable” look like for you? Just like an actual suit you would wear, learn how to recognize a person who has been tailored to the specifics of your divine purpose. Gain insight on the unique relationship between Love and Logic that must be cultivated in order for you to be prepared for who has been prepared for you. This book is designed to walk you through some of the necessary steps of “preparing”, so that you won’t waste precious time “repairing”, when you could be enjoying the fulness of what God said marriage, friendship, partnership, should be. Learn the importance of adding “depth to your desire” and how to truly commit to the commitment. We don’t plan to fail, we fail to prepare & train.

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Evolving the Entrepreneur

The Premeditated Assault on Stagnation

What would you do if you felt like the things you *valued most were being threatened? Would you seek to simply survive the attack, or would you seek to become the threat?
As an entrepreneur I’ve learned one very important thing: no matter how good you are at defense, if you don’t learn to play offense…you’ll never win. This book isn’t about waiting to defend, it is about taking the first punch. We are not seeking to weather the storm, we are discussing how to influence and create the weather. The War on Stagnation is won from within because the flow is released from within. At *conception, every bit of potential that you needed, in order to win …was already living within you. This book is designed to help you understand the most effective and efficient way to defeat stagnation and experience consistent profit. Where there is no flow, there can be no growth, no impact, no profit. Where there is no flow, morale is low, the determination to exercise discipline diminishes and passion becomes frustration. But there is a solution and that solution lies within you, the entrepreneur… you must Evolve.

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The Stripped Club

Lost it all, trying to gain it all, wondering if it was all worth it.

Coming Soon!



1.   Taking the stage

2.   Crossing the thin line

3.   Costumes & Alter Egos

4.   Dancing in the middle of the night

5.   Dangers of the Male Exotic Lifestyle

6.   Mr. Goodbars Gospel

7.   Donnie Days

8.   Hello Hollywood

9.   April 24th

10. Follow the Yellow Brick Road

11. Can you spare some “change”

12. Who me?

13. Residue

14. Recovery



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